Guarantee Universal Life Insurance

Guarantee Universal life (GUL) insurance policies provide a death benefit as well as the opportunity to build policy cash value. This coverage is different from term and whole life insurance because, within policy limits, you can vary the amount and timing of your premiums. Typically, you can also increase or decrease your death benefit (based on your insurability). As long as you maintain sufficient policy value to keep your policy in-force, your policy’s flexibility enables you to pay premiums as your circumstances allow.

Your cash value in a GUL policy is determined by the amount of premiums you pay, the declared interest crediting set by the insurance company, and policy charges.

As a policy owner, you have more flexibility with GUL than with whole life, but you assume additional risk. GUL policies usually have fewer guarantees than whole life coverage, so you must carefully manage premium payments and any distributions taken to help ensure your policy will stay in-force. This type of life insurance policy usually offers a built-in no lapse guarantee that can last for the lifetime of the insured life or for a shorter period selected by the policy owner.