Funeral Trust' Sans:400,400i,700,700i Sound Investment Solutions has collaborated with National Guardian Life Insurance (NGL) to help our clients with pre-planning National Guardian Life, a Wisconsin based insurer, has consistently been rated one of America’s most successful independent mutual life insurance companies. NGL provides two ways to help protect your assets, the NGL Funeral Expense Trust and the NGL Estate Planning Trust.

click this site By transferring your assets to the NGL Funeral Expense Trust – you will help protect funds from Medicaid spend-down upon the effective date of transfer. With this Trust, funeral costs are paid first with any excess funds going to your estate. There is a maximum amount of $15,000 for this Trust.

The other option is the NGL Estate Planning Trust which will exclude funds from Medicaid spend-down after 5 years. This Trust will pay funeral costs with any excess funds going to the named beneficiary or your estate. There is a maximum amount of $50,000 for this Trust.

A funeral expense trust may be used to cover the cost of many burial expenses. Listed below are just a few:

  • Basic Services of Funeral Director & Staff
  • Other Professional Services
  • Embalming
  • Other Care of Deceased
  • Dressing/Cosmetology/Casketing
  • Funeral Home Facilities and/or Staff Services

During the Pre-Planning process, a representative from Sound Investment Solutions will guide you throughout the entire process to ensure you receive the coverage needed and the personalized attention that you deserve. Please give us a call to schedule your free consultation today.