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At Sound Investment Solutions the philosophy is in the name! While we are well versed on many different retirement strategies and philosophies, we feel in most cases whether planning for growth, income, tax relief, estate planning, or simply higher interest, we can assist you in accomplishing your objective(s) with guarantees that we feel are critical in today’s economic environment. We specialize in Retirement Planning and Insurance Services and have contracted with some of the top providers in the industry to assist us in achieving our goal of providing our clients with “Sound” portfolios with underlying guarantees.

As an Independent organization, we have the flexibility to work with a variety of alternatives in the areas of retirement planning and insurance services and truly match the product to the need. Please click on the “Products and Services” tab to view our current products and services. We also offer “Funeral Trust” services and have created a separate tab for you to view and learn about the opportunities to pre-plan. If you are looking for an independent organization with a more personable and hometown feel, then you have found it with Sound Investment Solutions!